Well howdy-do! I go by a few different names depending on the circumstances, but most folks call me Tux, Theo, or Wilde; please use they/them or it/its pronouns to refer to me! It's nice to meet you!

What am I?

I’m queer, a furry, and therian, and typically describe myself as a critter, creature, and cryptid - “human” is as fleeting of an identity as any other form I might take outside of my base one as a shapeshifter. My gender can be loosely described as nonbinary, agender, or even “creaturegender” or some other form of related xenogender; gender’s weird and funky!

What do I do?

I'm an artist! I draw lots of animals, furries, and other critters, and I make comics - my big project at the moment is Meet Me in the Woods, a long-form webcomic about shapeshifting aliens and supernatural mysteries...go give it a read, I work hard on it~

This page is still a WIP!