Please be sure to carefully read through my TOS before sending a commission inquiry - if there are any parts with which you disagree and cannot comply with, I kindly ask that you do not commission me. Otherwise, I will assume that you've agreed to my terms, which are binding for the duration of the commission process once payment is sent.

How to Commission

When commissions are open, please send an email to tuxedodragondoodles@gmail.com which includes a description of what you're looking for, reference images, and anything else that may help me bring your vision to life!

Once we've finalized the project, I'll send an invoice with the price we've discussed via Paypal (or another payment processor as necessary). Please do not attempt to send payment beforehand, I will refund it and this may cause a delay that could put you further back in my queue.

I generally do not require payment until I am ready to start your commission, and partial payments can also be discussed depending on the circumstances and the nature of the commission, especially for larger/more expensive projects. Commissions can be started with partial payment, but will not be completed until paid in full.

Will / Won't Draw

I have the right to turn down an inquiry if it's something I'm not comfortable drawing. In general, this includes most NSFW subjects, including fetish and sexually explicit content, or artwork for the purpose of NFT-creation or AI learning. Unsure whether or not something fits the criteria? You can always shoot me an email and ask!

If a commission involves characters owned by/representing multiple persons, and all parties are not involved in the payment, or a commission request involves a character not owned by the commissioner, I may request proof of consent from non-paying persons depending on the nature of the commission (ie, romantic or otherwise more intimate themes). A screenshot of messages with names visible and a clear “yes” to the question will suffice in most cases.

Cancellations & Refunds

If you wish to cancel your commission, please notify me as soon as possible so we can discuss next steps. I will issue refunds, but the amount refunded depends on how much work has already been put into your commission - if any work has started, a minimum of 10% of the payment is nonrefundable. I understand extenuating circumstances happen, so I will try to be as flexible as possible and work with you!

If there is any uncertainty as to being able to securely put money down for a commission, I ask that you refrain from commissioning me until payment can be guaranteed. Filing a chargeback against me will automatically put you on a blacklist for future inquiries, and I will make sure other artists are aware as well.

Updates / Works-in-Progress

I will send updates at various stages of the art-making process, and ask for commissioner input to ensure it's looking the way you'd like it to! I will typically send updates via email, but if another method is more accessible (ie, Discord or Telegram) I am happy to accommodate!

▶ Click here to view my public queue on Trello!

You are always welcome to shoot me a message to check for updates, especially if some time has passed since our last communication! I ask that such messages be kept to a maximum of once a week, if applicable. I will always try to be as prompt with responding as I can manage!

Please note that I generally do not send or respond to messages/emails over the weekends or my days off!

Timeframes, Order of Work & Personal Projects

I try to keep as even and timely a schedule as I can when doing commission work, but due to variables such mental and physical health, and external circumstances outside my control, this may vary! There are times where I work slower than normal, and others where I'm very fast!

I generally work on commissions in order of my queue, though different commission types vary in amount of time to complete, and thus sometimes you may see a commission further down in the queue completed faster than one ahead of it!

Additionally, you’ll more than likely see me posting personal art on social media while I’ve got commissions queued up! Art is also a hobby and a form of self-expression for me, so working on my own stuff is necessary to keep my sanity and motivation up! I also work on a webcomic, and while it usually doesn’t conflict with my commissions schedule, circumstances may vary!

Revisions & Additional Time

I will do smaller revisions at any stage, free of charge, and I encourage your input throughout the process to make sure I create something that you like! If I need a significant amount of time to revise something, however, I may ask to charge based on the time it'll take. I will never charge extra without discussing it with you beforehand!

Rights to Art & Commercial Use

Unless other arrangements have been discussed beforehand, you may only use the art I create for you for non-commercial and personal purposes! It may be sold as part of the rights to a character design, however.

I am happy to accept commercial work on a case-by-case basis! For larger projects, feel free to reach out at any time to check my availability.

I also like to share the art I’ve made to my own art galleries and social media! If you’d prefer to keep your commission private for any reason, please let me know and I will comply, no questions asked! If you choose to share it yourself, all I ask is for a mention of my name (TuxedoDragon) for crediting purposes!

NFTs & AI Art

I DO NOT support NFTs or AI art in their current state, and my art should never be used in such a manner. I do not give consent for my art, personal or commissioned, to be reproduced or otherwise used for training generative artificial intelligence, a/o to be minted and sold as non-fungible tokens. Legal action may be pursued if this clause is not followed.

Courtesy Reminder

I DO NOT tolerate those who promote harm towards minority groups (racism, homophobia, fascism, etc) and don't wish for my work to be associated with such individuals. As such, if I find out you are doing anything of the sort I will discontinue work on your commission and you will be refunded in part or in full.

Additionally, I will not tolerate rude behavior towards me - please be kind! I will conduct myself professionally and respectfully while working with you on your commission, and I expect the same in return. If you are excessively rude towards me before, during, or after the commission process, the above terms will apply, and I may blacklist you from future commissions.

I reserve the right to refuse work from anyone for any reason, even those not stated above.

By commissioning me and sending payment, you are confirming that you have read and understand the TOS, and agree to comply with the standards I've set forth!