Hourly Rate: $35/hour

This rate typically gets applied to more involved commissions in addition to their base price. This is also the standard I use to help set commission prices and for doing open-ended design work.

Standard Commissions

Headshot / Icon - $70

"Chibi" Style - $90

Halfbody / Bust - $105

Fullbody - $140


Additional Characters - 75% of the base price for each additional character (ie, a fullbody commission with two characters will be $140 + $105, a chibi style commission with three characters will be $90 + $68 + $68)

Shading / Lighting - $35

More Complex Background - ask for details. It will vary based on how much more detail you’re looking for and what the specific background idea is!

Full Illustration - ask for details. I will quote you a price based on what you’re looking for!

Character Reference Sheets

Base Price: $245

The base price will get you a basic ref sheet which includes two fullbody drawings of the character (typically a front and back view, unless otherwise specified), one or two simple drawings to highlight any small details (ie, an accessory, or special marking), and information such as your character’s name, species, and pronouns!

For ref sheets of a more detailed nature, as well as character designs from scratch, a per hour charge of my hourly rate will be added based on the estimated time it will take me to do it! Please ask me for a quote!

Custom Character Designs

Got an idea for a character and need someone to bring them to life? Or just think it'd be neat to have someone design you something cool? Let me draw some new characters for you!

You can commission custom character designs as either a single fullbody drawing, or with a full reference sheet - in either case, you'll be charged the base price of the commission type (see the above sections), plus the hourly rate for the time it takes to work through the design phase.

Ask me for a quote to get a more specific price!

Transformation Sequences

Base Price: $400

The base price includes a 4-part sequence with flat-colored, fullbody illustrations of your character getting turned into something else! You can make it a 5-part for an additional $75!

If you’d like a cheaper alternative for some transformation art, you can always commission a mid-transformation drawing or two via my ‘Standard Commissions’ options, or a sketch page version!

Add-ons such as shading/lighting, additional characters, or even modifying aspects of the format (ie, a comic page-style layout instead of a linear sequence) can also be discussed and included for an additional cost!

Sketch Page/Sketch-Style Commissions

Basic Sketch Page: $50

I’ll fill up a page with doodles of your character(s)! This is an “artistic freedom” kind of a commission, so I won’t send WIPs or do revisions - give me a character or two and maybe a prompt or general vibe, and I’ll have it done pretty quick!

Cleaned-up Sketches: $100

What it says on the tin! These are for individual sketches, so I won’t do a whole page of these unless I get paid a little extra! These sketches are also artistic freedom, so I will get the details from you before I start and then finish it in one or two sessions!

Color can be added to sketch pages and cleaned-up sketches for an additional $35!

Other Commissions

Don’t see a commission type that suits your idea, or saw something else I made that you really vibed with? Interested in something a bit modified or custom? Shoot me an email, and I’ll be happy to discuss to see whether or not it’s something I can do!

All done checking prices? Be sure to read over the Terms of Service before sending an inquiry! You can also check out more examples of my art over in the Art Gallery!