If I'm not doing ecology work, then I'm probably working as a freelance artist! If you're interested in commissioning me, please be sure to check my opening status and read through my Terms of Service beforehand!

I accept commission inquiries on a first come, first serve basis via email at

For larger projects or commercial work, you are free to send an email at any time to check my availability, regardless of opening status!

Availability & Trello Queue

Next Opening: TBD

The best places to keep an eye out for my opening announcements are on Ko-fi and my active social media accounts!

About my Art

I am an artist that mostly draws cartoon animals, furries, and other creatures (humans included!), and I especially love doing character design work! I’m not limited to species I’ve only drawn previously or have practiced; if you’ve got something unusual for me to work with, I’d love to figure it out for you! My skill set includes life drawing and biological field notes, as well as speculative bio and creature design, so it’s well within my wheelhouse!

I also do well with drawing environments and scenery, flowers, plants and other nature, and sequential art and comics. Most of my work is done digitally, though I have a love for pencils, ink, and markers, so you’ll see similar textures throughout my digital art!

Subjects of Interest

  • ✦ Animals, creatures, and monsters - if I haven't drawn it before, I'm probably very interested in figuring it out!
    • ▶ Amphimorpho - they're my own species, and I love drawing them!
    • ▶ Pokemon - please, I love them so much! Bonus points if it's Mystery Dungeon-themed ;3
    • ▶ Dragons
    • ▶ Pooltoy & plushie critters
  • ✦ Body types of all kinds - fat bodies? Bodies with unusual anatomy? Something else? I'll give them all my best shot!
  • ✦ Transformation/'TF' art
  • ✦ Character designs/redesigns